The King, 2016

Plate of Joy III, 2016 


2014 - present

“Building on this idea of connotation according to scale this project series of the cream objects should be seen as a conceptual investigation of architectural parts. The parts of the sculptures can be seen as literal or in terms of a metaphor for assembled elements. The Series of cream objects is dealing with combining two or more types of objects and therefore many object qualities arise that need to be considered.Found objects when used in another scale than what they are used to being in, can create a morphological nuance in architecture as well as a metaphorical phenomenon of meaning and relatability of the image known in different disciplines.”

Disney Cream, 2017

Seahorse, 2014

Your best Friend, 2016

Plate of Joy I, 2016

Cream Pie, 2016

Streusel, 2016

Bonsai, 2017

Wobble, 2014

Dolphin, 2014

Cream in a Box, 2017

X-Mas Sculpture, 2016