Taliesin West / Frank Lloyd Wright (floorplan) + Tinkerbell (character)

Superfluous Studio:

Design by Numbers: Hybrid Drawings

Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio
ioud - Institute of Urban Design

University of Innsbruck
Studio Description

The students were asked to retrace  existing architectural drawing and cartoon character in an effort to bring those two elements of a similar medium into the same language. They were asked to lose specific architectural elements from the drawings and certain characteristics of the cartoon characters and share their attributes in order to create a new hybrid drawing. This exercise is for the purpose of examining existing architectural representation techniques whilst conceptually broadening design proficiency through figuration and abstraction concepts.

Vanessa Kailan & Cara Rupflin  

Simon Seehauser & Dario Lantschner

Julia Pfeifer & Elena Torres

Keno Diop & Mauritz van der Vliet

Paul Riedt & Xaver Roos

Anita Capponi & Xinran Wu

Anton Riedlsperger & Leonard Elger

Maximilian Felderer & Aurora Scharmernton 

Sofie Novaresi & Pascal Hofer