Fynn Endreß & Moritz Heetel

Superfluous Studio:

Fill-In-The-Blanks: Urban Corner Plaza

Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio
ioud - Institute of Urban Design

University of Innsbruck
Studio Description

This semester superfluous studio: Fill-In-The-Blanks investigated the need for urban plazas in Los Angeles. The aim of the studio was be to design a pedestrian square/plaza on Wilshire Boulevard in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles. The current urban condition of Koreatown consists of very contrasting borders between residential blocks, office buildings, and other commercialprograms meanwhile proportionally large and often left-blank open parking lots further limit the free pedestrian movement throughout the Wilshire Boulevard. To meet the pedestrian potential of this historic district,students were asked to design an open-air mixed-use plaza.

This plaza was to be an area that can be used by the local residents, office workers, as well as any member of the general public. The infrastructural focus of the design process was to produce easy accessibility from the previously mentioned busy urban characteristics and to design a place for gathering that allows the existing parking lot on the project site to transform with the integration of new interwoven public spaces, public, and semi-private architectural programs into a pedestrian focused urban landscape.

Adrián Martinko & Lisa Werdaner

Fynn Endreß & Moritz Heetel

Bruno Huber & Jona Bauer

Leonie Felger & Cora Nill

Anton Mothwurf & Katharina Marggraf

Marie Glauner & Olivia Leitner

Max Schmidt & Yannick Piejede

Tilmann Heider & Philipp Menetrey

Filip Bernát & Sophia Mertelseder