Students: Toma Hristov & Erkut Öcal

Superfluous Studio:

Food for Thought

First Year Undergraduate Design Studio
ioud - Institute of Urban Design

University of Innsbruck
Studio Description

Each game consists of instructions and rules to be performed and Architecture, as well as Urban Design, is determined by certain arrangements and decisions. The word recipe, as well as game, suggests the concept of a guide that requires the shaping of certain elements and the ways of putting those elements together to form a Whole made from parts.

This semester each project explored mixed-use building typologies. This urban design project became our figurative field. Through analysis and configuration, the elements collected form Los Angeles were abstracted into architectural elements as components of individual recipes made by each student.

The design process consisted of the several exercises; analysis of primary and secondary forms, abstraction of existing buildings into specific architectural design elements, field studies of the relation of one architectural element to its figurative field,  adoption to the Los Angeles site and finally the production of the architectural guidebooks (Treatment of individual design processes as instructions and rules of a game.)
Project Overview

The work throughout the semester was based on the compositioning of shapes and forms in the production of architectural form. The vehicles for exploring this were preliminary geometrical experiments focused on fundamental differences in negative and positive space, orientation, architectural resolution, and how these differences produced multiple authenticities. These assignments were comprised of skill-focused tutorials, art and architectural seminars.


“Architecture is a set of effects, or what I would like to call games, that a few people have an exaggerated relationship to, and that are pursued with a kind of unjustifiable intensity for two reasons; it keeps the game going and that is its own justification but also as an after effect things come out of that to benefit other people. An analogy would be; filmmakers make films to speak to other filmmakers and occasionally audiences like them.”

Jeffrey Kipnis (2014) What is Architecture?

Students: Fabian Löser & Lena Steinig

Students: Velizar Velizarov & Antonis Zormpas

Students: Karolin Guggemos & Lauritz Kobor 

Student: Simon Danzl

Students: Louis Braunger & Felix Feigel

Students: Helke Kölschbach & Naeomi Neururer