Superfluous Studio:

Self Assembly

First Year Undergraduate Design Studio
ioud - Institute of Urban Design

University of Innsbruck
Studio Description
The Orientierung period is designed for the first semester students to get acquainted with conceptual and architectural terms such as mass and volume. It is also fundamental as the students will get introduced to composition, dimension, materials and furthermore will start to analyze objects from an architectural point of view.

This studio represents the new ways to understand and interpret various artworks that utilize the techniques of collage and assembly. Through this process each student found their own preferred techniques, unraveled the reading of geometries, got introduced to the usage of materials and learned to form a composition, whilst comprehending the crucial representation techniques as well as acquiring the technological and conceptual skills.

Project Overview
The work throughout the semester was based on the collusion between objects and images in the production of architectural form. The vehicle for exploring this were various projects focused on fundamental differences in scale, orientation, architectural resolution, and how these differences may produce multiple authenticities.


“… there is a great diversity of forms, materials and colors plus a lot of energy and imagination.
A bit of complication too. But whoever said the world was an easy place to live in?”

Olivier Boissiere, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

Student: Fabian Löser

Student: Lena Steinig

Student: Rosa Springmann

Student: Adonis Zormpas

Student: Ariane Zottl

Student: Julian Öttl

Student: Nicole Stecher

Student: Patrick Weinbeck