Disguised Suburbs


The project series “Disguised Suburbs” focuses one to one on the revival style buildings, hidden in the grand gardens of the luxurious suburbs of Los Angeles. The selected key study houses have all the elements that are typical for a Los Angeles dream house. These type of suburban areas are typically gated communities or mansions. People often purchase and sell these types of real estate wonders very quickly since they are revival buildings and they represent a certain style called Hollywood Regency.
Today these buildings however big and expensive they might be lack individuality since there are many different versions next to one another. It aims to bring a territorial individuality to lots and plots as much as the revival buildings that sit on top of that land. It is basically a custom paint job specified for housing that raises questions of the significance of the architectural typologies of these buildings and their efficiency to fulfill the architectural and socio economic impact the owners want to acquire. 

“Disguised Suburbs” focuses on using imagery and patterns as a tool in the architectural realm and investigates the usage of these techniques of representation as a means to abstract.
Much like how “Projection” from Vincent Lamouroux stands out within the city of Los Angeles, as the context is very busy in terms of color and patterns, the houses of the Disguised Suburbs hide themselves by using a big variety of colors on every element. We only see the house, but we can assume that the city around it is as equally vibrant in order for the house to camouflage itself into the background. Resulting in a disguised but also significant appearance. A constant flux of being shown in the foreground and shifting into the background. The building loses its style, because the style is linked to the material and form. And the overlaid pattern flattens the form and the color overwrites the material.