Honey, you look beautiful!


“I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re
beautiful. Everbody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” Andy Wahol
A guy is left to die in the desert while two
cowboys ride off into the sunset and the other two follow.

The smog and the exessive noise of Los
Angeles gets less the more you enter the
landscape hidden behind the hills. While the whale is showing its tail, horseman gets attacked by a tiger.

The Angel announces the resurrection of the dead.The crowd is looking at the ice cream dripping at the ground and the melted goo giving life to the forrest.

Somebody whispers: honey, you look
beautiful! From the lips you can read the
words love an you.

The light passes through the palmtrees,
casting shadow onto the bushes.

The sheep herd lingers for the smell of the
fresh pine trees on the side of the sea, but
the sound of the eagle scares the crap out of

Strokes of grass ...

Martin gentrly jumps over the rocky hillside
to find an observation post. Far off in the distance he detacts his location of desire for
the weekend.

At the same time, but a different place, a stone falls into the water.

In the glades a wise man kneels and offers her the biggest gift he can spare.

With all the things happen, Maria is still
focused to keep her dearest safe.

Warmed by the burning treets the half frozen
bodies pile up to survive the night that will

The fish have nothing to say.

A boy sees something unseen and tells his


“The man that cannot visualize a horse
galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”
André Breton

Honey, you look beautiful!, 2016, Digital Print on milled wood, 180 x 90 cm