MaxiMartSuper Center

Buying Competition
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Today, our world is in an accelerated state of privatization. Therefore, the prediction of a dystopian future of buying that manifests itself as the land appropriation of public or semi-public through privatization via the bend of zoning laws to cater to the power of certain monopolies is not a far out thought.
In the future the city is not walking nor is it flying, it is infesting and becomes a site-specific device to facilitate buying in general.

Today the action of buying/shopping manifests itself in 3 speeds , The Drive-In, The Corner Store & The Shopping Mall.

The future of buying as not an alien system that produces nuance of shops but combines what the technology of today and is ultra facilitated and totally optimizable for each customer.
What the future will present is a potpourri of buying typologies in multiple local spaces that house new technologies under its roofs such as reservable soft spaces that auto-alter to the booking of specific services, augmented reality walls - the new billboards that impose the items on the buyer, sample grocery showrooms that share in plan the showrooms of exclusive brands to recognition apps that will trace back histories of “you may like”, enhanced and optimized product-to-buyer experience and post-purchase package delivery-to-car systems.