Proposal for micro-district ADUs

team: Sara Lauton
With the rise of real estate prices and the changes to the concept of home due to the recent pandemic,
new forms of housing are in demand. Also known as ADUs, accessory dwelling units are becoming standard practice worldwide. ADUs can manifest many ideas for the future thanks to their flexibility. They are commonly used as the private division of land for additional rental income and extending one’s living space with an outbuilt work area in the backyard.

Nowadays, the real estate markets are getting more exclusive and densification of current residential zones is one achievable solution.
Therefore in this proposal we delve into a shared ADU system, a super-ADU complex where landowners can join and repurpose their lands as a collective for various needs and thus create micro districts.

“superADU” stretches the idea of ADUs to shared units that occupy over six properties in land and air space, provided by six owners. Hence enabling a spatially diverse complex, where the residents have more opportunities to expand their life / home office. At the same time being able to sublease certain units and be more flexible with the needed space that might change over time.